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Celebrating three years of industry education and awareness campaigning for PVC Pipes

This March, industry awareness campaign Think Pipes Think PVC celebrates three-years of delivering a wide range of resources on the performance and environmental benefits of PVC pipes.

The aim of the campaign is to ensure water utilities, councils and water engineers have access to up to date information on the use of PVC pipes in their specific industries and markets. 3yearsthinkpipesthinkpvc

Nigel Jones, Business Development Manager, Think Pipes Think PVC explains the importance of the ongoing campaign.

“Three years ago we recognised that the PVC industry had not been active enough in promoting the benefits of PVC pipes and as such there were many myths and untruths surrounding their use. The program has sought to break down a wide range of issues relevant to the industry and be a central resource of information.

“The program has grown and expanded over three years to be an international centre for education on PVC pipes and a forum to discuss trends and dispel untruths about the use of PVC pipes.”

“To celebrate three years of the program, we are next month relaunching the website with an extensive online publications segment to truly be a central resource to the industry,” concluded Jones.

One of the issues that Think Pipes Think PVC has tackled over the past three years is that of iron corrosion in Australia water due to outdated Iron pipe systems degrading water quality. As well as being a substantial health hazard to our community, corrosion is also the number one reason for burst water mains across the country.

“You only have to listen to the traffic news each morning to hear a report of a burst water main causing traffic chaos in some metro or suburban area – costing councils and water utilities millions in repair, water loss - not to mention the disruption to the wider community, “said Jones.” It’s a national problem that needs to be addressed.”

PVC pipe is a proven and extremely durable alternative and unlike metal piping, PVC won’t rust or corrode over time.

The major opportunities in the PVC piping industry have largely been driven by technological advances around the further development of PVC-O pipe and with Fusible PVC pipeTM broadening the PVC options in the trenchless installation market. In 2013, new DN600mm large diameter PVC-O pipe was made available to the Australian market, opening up a vast array of opportunities and new markets for PVC pipes.

“PVC-O is the most advanced pipe on the market for the conveyance of high-pressure water. This new larger diameter PVC pipe has increased hydraulic flow, lower installation costs when compared to other large diameter pipe materials and has a high pressure rating – making PVC pipe the ideal pipe solution to move more water quicker and cheaper”, concluded Jones.

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