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PIPA takes up battle against non-compliant PVC pipe fittings

Brought to the industry's attention in 2013 is the ongoing issue of imported PVC pipes and fittings being non-compliant with Australian standards and how this was a real issue for the Australian industry. To bring the issue to industry attention, Think Pipes Think PVC even ran a series of ads and articles to alert the industry to the issue. australian fittings standards

Plastics News have today reported an Australian plastics industry association (PIPA) is battling against imported, non-conforming PVC pipe fittings, but is stymied by a convoluted web of regulatory bodies.

The issue is a trickle of imported Chinese-manufactured PVC fittings for plumbing and drain waste pipes that are manufactured with lead stabilizer, banned in Australian fittings since 2009.

Sydney-based Plastics Industry Pipe Association of Australia Ltd. (PIPA) executive general manager Mark Heathcote told Plastics News, that PIPA is in the midst of a second audit of plumbing products on retailers and suppliers’ shelves, following an initial 2012 audit.

“We’re still finding some non-compliant fittings in the marketplace,” he said.

The potential dangers from using non-compliant plastic plumbing products are not confined to lead’s health and environmental impacts. Products that don’t meet other elements of the code — for example being under-strength — could fail, with serious consequences if they are installed within buildings’ internal structures.

“The last thing we want is for plastic pipe products to get an unwarranted reputation that should be confined to a rogue group of manufacturers,” Heathcote said

Read the full Plastics News article here.

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