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Trenchless Construction Options - Pipe Bursting

Trenchless Construction Options - Pipe Bursting

The diameter of pipe being burst typically ranges from DN50 to DN375, although pipes of larger diameters can be burst. Pipe bursting is commonly performed size-forsize or one size upsize above the diameter of the existing pipe. Larger upsize (up to three pipe sizes) has been
successful, but the larger the pipe upsizing, the greater the force required to burst the existing pipe and to pull the new pipe and the greater the potential for ground movement (upheave) and damage to other nearby pipelines.

This is another rehabilitation method of replacing both pressure and gravity lines with new pipe and involves the breaking of an existing pipeline by brittle fracture, using mechanically applied force from within. While the deteriorated pipe fragments are forced into the surrounding ground, a new pipe of the same or larger diameter is pulled in to replace the original pipe. Pipe  bursting is performed by the insertion of a conically shapedbursting head, into a deteriorated pipe and causing it to shatter by pneumatic or hydraulic action.

A standard issued by the Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology for using Fusible PVC pipe for pipe bursting is

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