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PVC Pipe Industry News

PVC Industry News from Think Pipes Think PVC

What is most important when choosing PVC pipes?

Last year Think Pipes Think PVC surveyed over 100 industry professionals including engineers, architects and builders about what factors are most important when choosing pipe materials for Stormwater, DWV/ Sewerage and Clean Water projects.

While there wasn’t a runaway number one factor, cost and longevity of service both ranked highest on the scale of importance, demonstrating the need for the industry to ensure they are delivering PVC pipe projects that will be long lasting and with reduced costs both at time of installation and in ongoing maintenance and service. Other factors that were ranked most important were corrosion resistance, ease of installation and environmental sustainability in that order.

Lower cost of PVC Pipes
There is significant cost savings to using PVC pipes, even more so when installation, low breakage rates and life cycle costs are taken into consideration. The longevity of the pipes also means the pipes function more efficiently, reducing maintenance and ongoing work to the pipe making it more affordable over time.

These lower material costs are coupled with lower installation costs because of increased productivity, the product's low weight and cheaper transportation expenses

Proven Longevity
PVC Pipes have a proven performance record of over 50 years in Australia, while overseas studies show the life expectancy of PVC pipes to be over 110 years

Corrosion Resistance
Escalating deterioration of water and sewer systems due to corrosion, leaks and breaks in old-technology pipe materials threaten our ability to provide safe drinking water and essential sanitation services both today and in future generations.
Unlike metal piping, PVC pipe won't rust or corrode over time because it does not react with air and water the way metal does, which results in a significantly longer lifetime of the pipe.

Corrosion No 1 reason for burst water mains
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